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Main Objective

Who We Are

We are one of the pioneer Brokerage and Investment management companies in the Caucasus region. The company's aim is to offer tailor made solution to high net-worth individuals and institutions, the company is focused on Brokerage Activity , Investment Management and related service.


The company provides a highly professional, dynamic and personalized service thereby implementing asset management strategies in the manner and to the extent defined by the relative risk profile and risk appetite of each individual client.

  • Stability A main objective of the company will be to guarantee the peace of mind of its clients. Therefore, the company will be dedicated to protecting the portfolio and its clients from the volatility of the market and ultimately to increase their wealth.

  • Expertise All services will be providing by its specialists, who have trained at leading international financial institutions, possess the expertise, and experience necessary to manage complex problems.

  • Transparency Wealth management activities will be oriented to providing its clients with diversified risk and the possibility to see with clarity, at any given moment, their individual portfolio’s assets and results.

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